Monday, November 8, 2010


I learned a lot making that strap. Making it look symmetrically was huge effort. In strap making even 1mm may make meaningful difference. Maybe you are wondering does general stitch is made with one piece of thread? Answer is yes, well actually ~250cm thread was used to stitch it, of course overall thread length used to stitch was longer. Oracle is certainly the biggest and the most time consuming strap I was working on so far. Thanks for reading!


Did you ever think of wearing watch with buckle on the same wrist side?
I did. So I begin asking myself how can I achieve that and soon I came with an answer. Below you can see effects.
Yes, I'm very proud of Hydra:)

Lava - black strap with orange stitching.

Black strap with orange stitching seem to be a great combo.
I named it Lava as it came first to my mind, and I think thats a good name for that strap. Personally I like it very much.

Titan's Might

Piece of cake:)

Oath strap

Another one:)
Making straps is really time consuming.
Hehe, updating pictures, either:)


Well, the first eclipse of the strap in history :)

Hero - stitchless strap

On the first picture it may seem that it is Hero is stitched strap.
On the second one you can see how it really looks. Do not know how about you, but I like it a lot!
Thanks again for watching.


I was thinking about that kind of strap some time ago and finally I created it with engraved grizzly paw.

Arrow of Destiny

Working on those round cut-out's was pretty time consuming, however in my opinion worth the final effect.


Another strap. I also added gallery/slideshow. To say few words about strap.
Imagine that the little hole is a planet, and your watch is a star.
Now you know why I named it Gravitation.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Abyss strap

As I mentioned, new straps are going to see the sunlight. Today I managed to update Abyss strap. I like it a lot, hope you too! Thanks for watching and have a great day!