Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hockey - one of the greatest sports in my opinion. I spend a lot of time thinking of how should look strap made in hockey character. Here you can see final result. Crossed lines are the net, well it required a lot of concentration to make it parallel and preserve right angles, fortunately result is stunning. At the end of a strap you have hockey puck speeding like a bullet through the net. Loose keeper is really special one, you have here "5" also on the left and right side, just as hockey players have number also on arms. To complete it I decided to add Defender buckle which shape reminds me helmet. Thanks for reading and take care!

Sailor - probably first strap on the world made in that style

I love to sail, and probably without that passion I would never make that one. You can use it both with shackle and rope. It takes some time at beginning to do put watch on your wrist, but when you figure out how to it is very easy. No more need to use buckle, keeper and so forth. Very convenient, extremely unique and moreover incredibly safe. Of course in case of using rope you should know some knots:) I suppose that is first strap ever made in that style, if I am wrong, please let me know.  Stylized for top deck of wood sail boat. Thank you for reading! Take care.


That is a real tough one. Watch with Commando strap is completely different. Looks really stunning. I was considering stitching, however not to break the unique pattern I decided only to stitch keeper with an "x". Wonder what do you think, personally I like it very much. Thanks for reading!


One leather layer, no stitching. I found it very comfortable and have a lot of enjoyment from it. Moreover   you can easily wear it with almost everything, truly universal strap. Thanks for reading!

Viva Italia strap

Have you ever been to Italy? I will never forget Venice, Rome, and the hot water at Tyrrhenian Sea in Sperlonga. Certainly worth visiting country. Please welcome Viva Italia strap.

Tough one

Combination of two dark colors makes strap really tough, here very dark brown and black thread works perfect, also very suitable to wear with black dial watch and almost every outfit. Thanks for reading!

True elegance

After finishing this one I thought that you can never have to much brown straps with white stitching, do not you? Thanks for reading!

Pure classic, pure nature, the Leader strap

Did you ever ask yourself how most classical strap should look like? I did, and that is how do I see it. Natural leather color impregnated with purely nature oils and other stuff, stitched with white thread makes truly elegant combination. Many years ago when I began strapmaking, the first strap I created was similar to it. So, here it is - Leader. Thanks for reading my dear friend!