Saturday, April 17, 2010


Finally I have finished my buckles. However the basic shape is machine cut, they are 100% finished by hands using files, sandpaper and vice, NO grinders and other electric tools. Actually I have not ever seen truly handmade buckles. Even though they are 5mm thick! and are not bent, they fit as well good or even better than bent ones, as they are hand filed on the back side - you can see it on the 3rd picture, actually I have a free workout for myself while doing that:)
I use my buckles daily, and to be honest I cant imagine using any others.
From the left:
Golem Footprint, Moon Dust, Be the King, Lord of Steel, Turtle Shell, Individualist, Harpoon, Camel, Eagle's Claw, Boss.

This is how they were looking before hand work.
Below links to pictures of each buckle:
Golem Footprint - picture
Moon Dust - picture
Be the King - picture
Lord of Steel - picture
Turtle Shell - picture
Individualist - picture
Harpoon - picture
Camel - picture
Eagle's Claw - picture
Boss - picture

Thursday, April 1, 2010


According to past times I have created Bravery strap. It comes with stitched Maltese cross on loose keeper, which symbolizes 8 points of courage. Strap is actually a little bit longer, as shield makes wrist circumference larger. To sum up it is extra comfortable and unique strap with a knight character.


To me eagles are so stunning, proud birds, beautiful and free while flying. I was so excited about them that I decided to make Freedom strap. You can see on the picture eagle head - eye and beak, stitching similar to wings. It is definitely one of my favorite straps.

Feng Shui, Wu Xing and the Fire element

Feng Shui uses the theory of Wu Xing - the five elements theory. This strap represents the Fire element. Just to have a choice which one to use it comes with two loose keepers with characteristic fire design, also both with flame stitched. I had a really great time making it.
Thanks for watching, enjoy:)

Ace of Spades

A little bit of hazard this time. Every one like to have Ase of Spades in hand, in order to possibility having it on your hand I have combined leather and cards. 'A' letters, spades, black thread make it one and only manly strap Farther stitched spade on the loose keeper additionally made strap more characteristic and unique.
Couldn't refrain from putting on the picture Johny Walker 12(14) years old from anniversary edition "100 years of the striding man".


Beautiful brown leather color, brown thread, some unusual and considered stitching makes strap very elegant. Thanks for watching, enjoy:)

Sea and adventure - Barbarossa

Now something related to sea and adventure - sailing. Strap's name is Barbarossa. Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha was one of the most famous pirates ever. However it is not the only one connection with sailing. Strap is actually cut along the edge (you can see it on the picture), jus like a ripped sail, and stitched using method which is used to repair ripped sails.

Moon Collector

I do not know how about You my friend, but for me this is one of the straps that truly stimulates imagination. It was a huge pleasure for me to put idea from my mind into reality. If you like it come back soon as I have almost finished very unusual buckle for it.
Thanks for watching, enjoy :)

Whispering Forest strap

Whispering forest is very special strap. You can see there a big tree and the skull which is made from branches. Moreover whole "drawing" is visible only from proper angle when light reflects to your eyes directly, otherwise it is actually "hidden".