Saturday, April 17, 2010


Finally I have finished my buckles. However the basic shape is machine cut, they are 100% finished by hands using files, sandpaper and vice, NO grinders and other electric tools. Actually I have not ever seen truly handmade buckles. Even though they are 5mm thick! and are not bent, they fit as well good or even better than bent ones, as they are hand filed on the back side - you can see it on the 3rd picture, actually I have a free workout for myself while doing that:)
I use my buckles daily, and to be honest I cant imagine using any others.
From the left:
Golem Footprint, Moon Dust, Be the King, Lord of Steel, Turtle Shell, Individualist, Harpoon, Camel, Eagle's Claw, Boss.

This is how they were looking before hand work.
Below links to pictures of each buckle:
Golem Footprint - picture
Moon Dust - picture
Be the King - picture
Lord of Steel - picture
Turtle Shell - picture
Individualist - picture
Harpoon - picture
Camel - picture
Eagle's Claw - picture
Boss - picture

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Ivan Barinov said...

hi, how can i buy your buckles? I am from Russia.